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Connie Connally

Connie Connally paints stunning canvases of complex elegance, with imagery that merges harmoniously and nearly completely both representational reference and powerful abstraction. 

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Nicole Strasburg

Time in nature is like time I spend at the easel painting. In our technology-saturated world I can slow down and savor the act of observation and revel in the restraint and quiet that practiced attention requires. I believe, like many naturalists, you go outside to turn inward.

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Libby Smith

I've Been hiking, swimming, camping and exploring the Santa Ynez Watershed for 40 years.  I look forward to sharing portraits of the river habitat from narrow canyons to rocky pools, through fields and finally joining the ocean.

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Nina Warner

As a native Californian, I have enjoyed exploring our state, spending time in both southern and northern California and particularly in the Sierras. The diversity of landscape and bountiful natural beauty has informed my work on many levels. 

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Holli Harmon

I find myself to be a contrarian at times, so as a painter, the description of a “contemporary traditionalist” is fitting.  It reflects my effort to use imagery that is clearly current while honoring the tradition of painting.

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Pamela Zwhehl-Burke

Making images is part of learning and reflecting on the world. I taught Drawing, Figure Drawing, 2-D Design and Printmaking for many years at Santa Barbara City College and the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and enjoyed seeing students become curious about how pictures work.

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